Newsletter 22/09/2016

We are delighted to announce that Tracy and Gordon are back as our caterers and will be providing their first Sunday lunch on 2nd October. They will also be resuming catering on Wednesday evenings.

The menus are on now.

Bookings, by noon on Saturday (for Sunday), and by noon on Tuesday (for Wednesday), may be made as follows:

  1. Phone Tracy and Gordon anytime on 702144 or Castle Hill Club on 525791 during opening hours.
  2. Email
  3. Book in person over the bar.

Anyone arriving on spec will be accommodated if at all possible but may have to wait for a table, and the full menu will not necessarily still apply.

Special Offer: Those of you wishing to partake of wine with your meal may wish to choose a bottle of House Wine (red, white, or rosé) at only £7.50 a bottle.

From next week booking info will be permanently displayed under “regular notices” below.

WHAT’S ON: Dates for your Diary: Unless stated otherwise, most events begin about 8.30     

THIS Saturday 24th September – Music Night – James Harvey, an easy-listening former busker.

Thursday 6th October – Quiz, hosted by Rob Vashak – Buffet.

Member to member area:

Members’ Businesses and Services: fee £50 per annum

  • Antique clocks, furniture and miscellaneous items for sale. POA. 01522 543167 / 07860 679495.
  • Estate & Letting Agent Derri Coppin 01522 382 382
  • Stairlifts, Lifts & Ramps -free survey unbeatable service. Contact Lee Ogden on 01427 787532.

Members’ Items for Sale: no fee  

To advertise here please email:



  1. There are 28-day passes available, located on the shelf below the notice board near the TV. If you know someone who would like one just fill in the details on the pass itself and its stub.
  2. Opening times: Weekdays: 12.00 to 15.00 / 17.30 to 23.00.

Saturdays and Sundays : 12.00 to 23.00.  Christmas Day: 11.00 to 14.00.

We may extend to 2.00 a.m. on special occasions.

  1. Please feel free to use the club for business meetings and interest group meetings as well as the usual family events.
  2. Catering available on request. Simply make arrangements with Laurence.
  3. Heavily Discounted Evening Car Parking tickets are available to members for use in the adjacent council car park. Please collect one from the bar before you park.


GUEST ALES    ‘Black Gold’ (abv 3.8) sponsored by Jack Munro, and ‘Atom Blonde’ (4.0) sponsored by Ray and Graham.  If you wish to sponsor an ale of your choice please speak to Laurence.

This week’s offerings:


From the Uxbridge English Dictionary:

Malcontent……………someone who is perfectly at ease with Malcolm.

Mange tout.……..……seconds please.



  • Brian and four friends are heading along the French Riviera in their Audi Quattro convertible on their way to Italy.

At the border they are waved down by an Italian border official who says, “Very sorry. But you cannot enter Italy in this car. There are five of you on board. The car is an Audi Quattro and Quattro is four which means one of you has to get out.”

“What?” exclaimed Brian. “Quattro stands for 4 wheel drive!”

“Sorry but rules are rules. I cannot let you all into Italy.”

Brian is understandably very annoyed and says

“I’ll have to speak to your superior. This is totally unacceptable.”

“I’ll ask him to come over to talk to you when he’s finished with that couple over there, in their Fiat Uno.”


  • My friend drowned in a bowl of muesli. A strong currant pulled him in

Kind regards



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